You have amazing things inside to bestow on the world along with the hope of being the best version of yourself.

Yet sometimes you feel like you’re losing traction and wonder if it'll actually happen.



You’re a woman with big dreams, driven to be the best at the things that matter to you.

Yet you have so much in your life that’s working against you.  Everyone wants a piece of you in some way, you never have enough time, and your resources seem to be seriously lacking.  All of this coupled with the negativity so prevalent in this world can stop you in your tracks and leave you wondering if you’re enough.



Do you ever just need someone or something to remind you of the wonderful things you already possess inside?


You’re in the right spot, my dear friend!  

That’s where I come in.





Hi, I’m Latisha. I create wire jewelry just for you.

(The driven, high achieving woman on the way to accomplishing your big dreams.)

Each piece is high-quality and personal so it resonates deeply and reminds you of the truth.
~You are beautiful!
~You are strong!
~You are capable!
This gives you an elegant and stylish way to remind yourself of who you are and helps you push past the doubts into progress on your biggest dreams.

It’s a beautiful accessory that’ll remind you of your story and express it to others through your personal style.

Some fun details about me are…

I’m the designer and creator behind Elegance and Inspiration.
I’m also a doer, a wife, and a creative entrepreneur (to name a few hats that I wear).
I love to plan, organize, make lists, and learn new things.
I’m a connoisseur of beauty, coffee, tea, and chocolate (who isn’t).
I’m a big proponent of personal responsibility, growth, focus, and truth.
I’m passionate about working with wire, deep connection and conversation, my loved ones, and Jesus.

I love your jewelry and always look forward to seeing your new creations.  The pieces I have purchased fit beautifully and are fun to wear! I always get compliments on your jewelry when I am wearing it!

~ Frede W. from Facebook

“What a lovely pendant! I continue to be fascinated by the results of wire wrapping. And copper is such a warm metal. Package arrived quickly and securely wrapped. Kudos to this artist!”

~ Kristine H. from Etsy

“The picture didn’t do it justice- it’s even more beautiful in person. It’s a true work of art. I love this pendant!”

~ Angela P. from Etsy

“A very beautiful and unique one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.”

~ Belinda L. from Etsy

“Beautiful piece! Great craftsmanship…every wrap perfect :)”

~ Margie M. from Etsy

Wow…i just can’t say more than WOW!!!”

~ Lissette S. from Etsy

Craftsmanship is amazingJewelry made to inspire…not just dazzle!”

~Peg C. from Facebook

Excellent craftsmanship and gorgeous work! Seller was quick with communication, and the item actually arrived sooner than I expected!” ~ Angela P. from Etsy

Amazing wire work! I love my piece. Thank you so much!” ~ Christy R. from Etsy

Are you ready to see what speaks to your heart and will tell your story when you need it most?

Click on the options below to see which style works best for you today.