“Chicly Capable” Earrings



You know a girl that walks with a confident stride towards her big goals and dreams.  She’s capable and comfortable in her own skin. Let these sleek hand forged earrings showcase your own inner confidence and capabilities.


  • Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Argentium silver ear wires, so you can wear them without worrying
  • Silver wire has been hammered, so your earrings will be strong 
  • Made with Argentium Silver wire, so you can know your earrings are quality that’ll last

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Approximately Measures – 1-9/16″ tall (from the top of the ear wire) by 1/8″ wide

Approximately Weighs – 0.05 oz


FAQs for Silver Jewelry:


Things you want to know about your silver jewelry:

~This jewelry is not recommended for children under the age of 13.

~I’ve taken extra care to make sure that your jewelry is secure and smooth with everything anchored properly.  This means it shouldn’t pinch or scratch you or get caught or tangled in your hair (in general).

~I primarily use Argentium Silver wire that’s sourced from the USA to create with, unless noted in a specific listing.

Facts about Argentium Silver…

~It’s very easy to care for and rarely needs polished or cleaned.

~It’s made of silver, copper, and germanium.

~All silver used is 10o% recycled.

~It’s tarnish resistant.

~It’s nickel free and hypoallergenic.


General care and cleaning for your silver jewelry:

~When needing a quick polish use a designated polishing cloth for it.  I provide one with your purchase.  You don’t want to use a cloth that has been used on other metals because it might “stain” the silver.

~For a quick clean use warm water and mild soap.  Gently pat dry with a soft cloth.

~Store in a soft cloth or plastic bag


Things you want to avoid with your silver jewelry:

~Applying lotion, perfume, hairspray, gel, etc to yourself while wearing it

~Applying harsh chemicals or cleaners to the piece of jewelry including things for sterling silver

~Cleaning or other activities using harsh chemicals

~Bending or pulling on the wires or piece in general

~Putting it in your mouth or chewing on it


Other things you might want to know:

~Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted by me.

~Every piece in the “Timeless Elegance” line has involved a hammer and torch in the creation process.


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